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Welcome to GIMA International
GIMA International is the premier export agency for the Food and Beverage Manufacturers who want to sell their products in the most competitive retail market in the world, the USA.

GIMA International was created with one goal in mind:

Helping you get that winning bid with the buyer!!!

We have worked for Retailers and Manufacturers directly as employees in Procurement, Brand Management, Retail Marketing, Distributor Management in America, Europe and Asia so we understand how retailers think and what motivates them. GIMA knows what it takes to manage the bid process and how to turn buyer biases into your advantage.

GIMA International is uniquely positioned to help you:

  • Understand the US market and your respective category
  • Develop your brand positioning
  • Identify the core target consumer
  • Identify your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Manage the bid process to your advantage
  • Develop a Launch and Marketing Plan
If you are ready to export to the USA or want to sharply increase your exports, contact us today.
There are many great products that came across our desks when we worked in Procurement for a US retailer. Most of those failed, despite being exactly what the market needed at a price that provided an attractive margin to the retailer.
Why did they fail?
The manufacturer was not properly prepared to export and present his products in the most positive light to the buyers.

Having a great product and a low price are NOT a winning combination. They are the price of entry. The peripheral elements of the bid make the difference and allow you to win. Ultimately, it is process management that will win you that bid.
Let us show you how!!!

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