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Craft Spirits
We have carefully assembled our portfolio of craft and artisanal spirits. Some have a social responsibility aspect to them, other have a compelling story, while others provide great margin and profitability. Regardless, you can rest assured we will only bring you the finest products that are sure to thrill your customers. 

  • Tequila Manana. 100% Blue Agave super-premium from Los Altos in Jalisco. Hand crafted for phenomenal smoothness and aged 12 and 24 months respectively. Learn more at Tequila Manana, the Official Sponsor of tomorrow!

  • Jorongo. Capture the Power of the Ancient Aztec Aguilar and reap the profits with this 100% Blue Agave super-premium tequila from Los Altos in Jalisco. A portion of the proceeds go to education for underprivileged children in Jalisco

  • Carmesi. Super-premium tequila from Casa San Matias, since 1886. Aged in White American Oak barrels for 11 months, this smooth tequila has only a hint of oak and with scents of pink pepper and dried apple. Available in 375ml and 750ml. Very limited availability.

    San Matias Gran Reserva. Another super-premium tequila from Casa San Matias. Aged for over 3 years, this incredible tequila is technically an extra anejo tequila. Try it to a believe it. A Fine dining and Steak house favorite. Available in 375ml and 750ml. Very limited availability.

  • Rey Sol. The Grand daddy of all tequilas. Try it if you can afford it. Aged for 6 years in French/American Oak Barrels. The bottle was custom created by award winning designer Sergio Bustamante in 1998. Extremely rare. On Allocation. Only available by the bottle, not the case.

  • Tres Caballos!!! 100% Blue Agave Tequila, line priced for Blanco and Reposado. Available in 1L, targeted towards upscale accounts who need a premium well tequila that knocks all other existing 100% Blue Agave tequilas under $50 out of the price range. And that at a fraction of the cost. No wonder it is called the Stud of all tequilas Tres Caballos has beaten a well known national brand in taste tests 4-1 and another one 9-1. Well, it is no "Wonder"  that people like 3 "Horses" better than 1 "Crow". If you need help with the riddle, just email us. 
  • When we sample we get two responses: "WOW" on the taste and then "WOW" again on the price. Suggested retail price below $25
  • Tres Reyes. An excellent well or value tequila for margaritas. A nicely balanced mixto that compares extremely favorable to other value tequila with a great profit story and much better taste profile than other tequilas in that category. 

  • We are proud to announce that GIMA is the exclusive distributor for the only legal whisky making kit approved by the TABC for Texas. Master Distiller Rick Wasmund and his team at the Copper Fox Distillery have designed, developed and distilled this marvel of a concept. The kit comes in two flavors, Single Malt and Rye. It has a 2L starter barrel and 2 750ml 124 cask-strength proof whisky spirit. The consumer pours the spirit into the barrel, add some flavoring if desired such as cognac, brandy, wood chips, etc) and let it age for at least five months. Then dilute it with good water like Dasani and enjoy!!!
  • A great gift idea for the man who has everything. It also works great as a gift for pregnant women. They prepare and nurture the barrel kit during pregnancy and toast their new family with their family whisky when the baby arrives. What a way to start a tradition!!!

  • Copper Fox also produces a whisky that is simply out of this world. It starts like a Bourbon, finishes like a Scotch and the second sip releases different aromas, flavors and sensations than the first. A must have for any serious whisky lover.  96 Proof, 93 Points (Exceptional) by BTI in February 2010. Also available in Rye.

Brave Spirits:
  • An incredibly brave line-up of All American Made Spirits. We are proud to offer a Rum, Whiskey, Vodka and a Gin. $2 of every bottle, that is $24 per case, go to military, police and firefighter charities. YOU TOAST, WE DONATE. Great cause, great liquid, great story. Learn more at
  • We are proud sponsors of:
    • USO
    • Wounded Warrior Project
    • Soldier's Angels

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