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In today's economy consumers are no longer embarrassed to buy a $10 bottle of wine and bring it to dinner. As the high end wine market (especially Bordeaux) continues to implode, consumers are discovering that you can enjoy a $10 bottle of wine as much as a $50 bottle of wine, if the wine is carefully sourced. 

GIMA has scoured the world to bring you incredible wines at an even better price point.

We are proud to offer you great wines from Argentina and Portugal. We are currently working on adding additional wines. Stay tuned for more GIMA values coming your way.


From the Estates of Finca Rewen we are proud to offer Canoas. Fresh, fruity and enjoyable, That is the Spirit of Canoas. 

2008 Cabernet/Syrah Blend (60%/40%)

This very smooth, well balanced wine goes great with cold meats, lamb, pork, veal, chicken and pasta. Ripened cheeses are ideal companions. 


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2008 Malbec 100%

Impeccable flavor of sweet and round tannins. This is what Malbecs were meant to taste like. Goes well with barbecue, red or white meat and pasta. Ripened cheeses are ideal companions.


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From one of Portugal's finest vineyards that is still family owned and operated, comes a fine line of table wines. Nestled in the Douro Valley, The Pocas family has been producing high quality wines at fair prices. We currently carry two of their exceptional wines. (Check out Port section for incredible Port from Pocas)

Coroa D'Douro White 2007 

Produced with a blend of native varietals from Northern Portugal's Douro Valley, the birthplace of Port wine, Coroa D'ouro is today a reference brand in its segment, on both domestic and export markets. Best served at 14°C/57°F. Perfect match for appetizers, salads and fish or seafood dishes. This wine is one of the best in its price range and received a 88 Points from Wine Spectator and a Best Buy Rating

Vinhos Boa Compra 2008 Smart Buy Award                                                        Pocas Cora D’Ouro Reserva white wine

Coroa D'Douro Red 2005:

Full-bodied, velvety and aromatic. Long aromatic persistence.

Serve at room temperature (17°C/63°F) with cheeses, and a variety of meat dishes. The perfect choice for everyday meals. This spectacular wine received 90 Points by eRobert Parker and 90 Points by Wine Spectator. It also received a Gold Medal at the 13th Berlin Wine Trophy in 2009

                                                                                          Poças Coroa D’ouro red wine

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Ponte de Lima Vinho Verdes

Adamado wines of Ponte de Lima are fresh, light and smooth and they come from the Demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes. This wine is a result of the combination of the most famous grape variety of the region – Loureiro and other grape varieties Trajadura, Pedernã, among others. This wine is clear, with citrus color and straw reflexes. Its young aroma and floral bouquet offers a delicate flavor. It is a dry wine with balanced acidity and refreshing finish. It should be served at 8-10 ° C.

This Vinho Verde is one of the most spectacular wines of 2009. It is perfect hot Texas afternoons. Enjoy by the pool, at a BBQ or as a perfect pre-dinner drink.

                                                                                           Adega Adamado Vinho Verde

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