Your USA Export Experts
We are a fully permitted and licensed Federal importer for any kind of alcoholic beverages into the USA. We also have the coveted "W" wholesale permit from the TABC, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, that allows us to sell and distribute alcoholic beverages in all of Texas. 

GIMA's approach to wholesaling differs from some of the other guys in that we do not just take orders and push what's on the truck. We hand sell, the way the business used to be. We take time to listen to needs of the retailers and offer the beverages that the retailers want and can't get from others. Whether you are a producer or a retailer, if you feel you don't get your fair share of mind, stomach and profits, give us a call and we can discuss how our business approach will benefit you.

  • Spirits:
    • Our focus is on artisan spirits. These spirits are typcially hand made, are of exceptional quality and have a true story that is relevant to the consumer.
    • We believe that the current system does not provide adequate opportunities for smaller, craft producers. We believe that GIMA can help and assist these smaller producers to showcase their skills and capabilities.
    • Products in this category include super premium Tequilas, Rums, Whiskeys, Tuna (Nopal) spirits, Absinthe, Piscos from Peru (not Chile)  and other uniquely flavored spirits. 
    • These are truly niche products with a loyal following and a high margin.

  • Wines:
    • We are focusing on comfortable, friendly wines. Our wines are approachable, easy to drink wines. We call them "Tuesday Evening Wines" A wine that you can enjoy on any given Tuesday, without the need for a special occasion. Open up a bottle and you will see what we mean. 
    • As an industry, wines are pretty intimidating. There are 10,000 labels, varietals, vintages, numerous "expert" rating organizations. With a few exceptions, wines are not brands and that makes it tough for consumers to select a good wine that is right for them at that particular occasion. All of our wines are affordable, friendly and an exceptional value for the price.
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