Your USA Export Experts
Marketing Services
Once you have taking the steps outlined in "Getting Started", we can help you turn your product into a brand. We have launched over 2,000 SKUs in the US market, ranging from private label brands to large international brands like Dasani or Don Julio 1942.
The key services we provide are:

  1. Market Analysis
    1. What are the industry trends
    2. Who are your key competitors
    3. What subsegment is groving and provides the largest potential
    4. Key opportunity markets, channels and retailers
  2. Brand Positioning (this is the most overlooked element of success)
    1. What does your brand stand for?
    2. Definition of target audience
    3. Definition of USP (unique selling proposition)
  3. Marketing Plan
    1. Pricing Strategy
    2. Launch Plan
    3. Marketing tools
    4. Promotional calendar
    5. Media Plan
    6. Word of mouth campaigns 
  4. Strategic Selling Presentation
    1. Sell Sheets
    2. Retailer relevance

Often this part of entering the US market is overlooked because it is the tactical, bureaucratic part of starting your exporting business. It is not exciting, but an absolutely critical part of your foundation and success in the USA. Don't forget the basics and protect yourself.
Don't forget, that doing business in the USA is probably easier than in your home country. Setting up your subsidiary or own company in the US can seem daunting, but it can be done for as little as $500 and you don't have to have an actual office or employees.
The benefits can be tremendous for your business and family. Let us evaluate your personal situation and we will give you unbiased advise on what is right for you.
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